Who we are

We help companies address supply chain challenges by unleashing the power of entrepreneurship

The Trade & Transport Impact program

We bring together multiple corporate and wider ecosystem partners to scope and address a range of supply chain themed challenges by engaging startup solutions from around the world. We have a passion for driving innovation in supply chains and a belief that there is no better time than now to aim high and leverage fast-maturing technologies.

From our offices in Europe and the Asia Pacific, our diverse team of industry and innovation experts work tirelessly to ensure the smoothest and most impactful outcomes of the Trade & Transport Impact program giving you tangible and actionable outcomes.

The trade and transport story

​​We entered the supply chain space with a dedicated focus in 2016, as we believed there was a massive unexploited potential for innovation and digitalisation for our partners.


​​Global trade and transport has long been an old-fashioned sector, managed largely by paper and excel sheets. It’s a sector that fuels the global economy with millions of daily touch points handling billions worth of cargo, but also a sector that impacts the world significantly with a heavy footprint on oceans, air quality and trade with emerging economies. As discovered by the world in recent years with Covid-19, climate change, the Suez canal obstruction and other events, it’s also a sector that is immensely vulnerable, which in turn demonstrates huge risks to our everyday lives. Consequently, market and industry leaders must ensure they future-proof their logistics to sustain their position and gain even further differentiation.


​​Over the last 5 years, we have accelerated real change for 50+ leading brands and hundreds of startups in trade and transport on everything from hackathons, corporate/startup engagements, venture building and strategy analysis. We grew into launching a dedicated supply chain venture capital fund, Motion Ventures, as well as expanding and refining the multi-partner Trade & Transport Impact program.

We’ve seen dozens of pilot projects launch and watched many of them blossom into impactful and profitable partnerships benefiting both the corporate and the startup partner. We are now taking the next steps with a world-class team, industry expertise and proven methodology to tackle decarbonisation, safety and supply chain resilience challenges in even more industries and niches of the trade and transport sphere.

Our dedicated team

  • Cheryl Teo
    Venture Analyst & Innovation Associate
  • Ricky Wakae
    Program Manager
  • Michael Pomerleau
  • Felipe Araujo
    Program Director, Supply Chain Resilience
  • Alexander Regel
    Marketing Lead
  • Miles Singleton
    Head of Strategy & Delivery, Open Innovation
  • Nicklas Viby Fursund
  • Samuel Hall
    Partner, APAC
  • Joe Tanner
    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Angela Noronha
    Program Director, Decarbonisation & Safety
  • Jacinda Koh
    Innovation & Central Insights Analyst

About Rainmaking

Rainmaking was founded in 2007 by a small group of entrepreneurs and has mastered the art of building impactful businesses demonstrated by, for instance, Startupbootcamp – one of the world’s most successful accelerators. Today, we’re using our entrepreneurial experience, tools, and mindset to help some of the world’s leading companies address big challenges.

We’re a group of +200 entrepreneurs, strategists, product experts, developers, designers and investors from +35 nationalities operating in 10 offices across 4 continents. We treasure diversity in people and in thinking, and we operate with a triple bottom line: People, Planet and Profit to ensure that our work, like our partnerships, is never one-sided.

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