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Let our open innovation platform help you overcome supply chain challenges and grow your business

Real-life innovation

Bringing new solutions to market can be time-consuming, costly and risky.

In our Trade & Transport Impact program, we focus on corporate supply chain innovations, unleashing the power of entrepreneurship to reap all the benefits of startup agility, creativity and rapid decision-making without having to invest, fund or create your own in order to innovate.

We scout the globe to help you find relevant early-stage startups that can pilot solutions to your company’s biggest challenges within areas such as decarbonisation, supply chain resilience and safety. This provides the deep industry expertise and insights needed to address highly targeted maritime challenges on a global scale that impacts your bottom line in a fraction of the time and costs for in-house innovation.

We help you navigate an ever-changing tech and startup landscape to find and implement the right solutions faster, with less risk and with more direct impact on your business through our extensive technology, startup, government, data, academic and corporate networks.

Corporate supply chain innovations through startup benefits

An innovation practice for trade and transport


We address challenges solely within supply chain, maritime, trade & transport enabling you to exploit our deep industry expertise.

Fast results

Our tightly organised 4.5 month-cycles allow you to pilot highly targeted collaborations and quickly validate their potential.

Co-creating value

The multi-partner nature enables peer to peer learning and value, with Rainmaking able to also co-invest in projects.


With successful pilots, you can implement the startup solution at scale or leverage results into new cycles or projects with us.

Proven method

The proven framework has facilitated 70+ pilots and is your guarantee that the right solutions will be matched and on time.

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Benefits for enterprises

Increasing revenues through corporate supply chain innovations

Increase revenues

New ideas create opportunities to grow

Breaking away from legacy business lines to test new, more profitable business models, products and services can be difficult. Instead, startups can be used to test and explore new, potential revenue streams.

Rainmaking provides early-stage market insights to scope upcoming opportunities helping our corporate partners be first-movers in engaging with the right solutions and obtaining new competitive advantages.

Identify opportunities

Proven frameworks uncover potential

By combining a deep understanding of the market, emerging business models and technology with the insights of our multiple corporate partners, we match few but essential focus areas with possible solutions. The short cycles and proven framework enable us to facilitate specific and aligned partnerships quickly and effectively. This fosters a risk-free environment to test and validate new opportunities.

Identifying opportunities through corporate supply chain innovations
Reducing costs through corporate supply chain innovations

Reduce costs

Outsourcing workload help cutting costs

There are many cost-reducing advantages of joining an open innovation program. It allows you to launch new products and scalable innovations in a shorter time and at a fracture of the cost it would require in-house. We crowdsource solutions globally, reducing your OPEX and time investments. Lastly, leveraging existing startup technologies reduces time to market, which yields a shorter time to ROI compared to internal innovation.

Upskill talent

Improve internal skill sets and grow network

Our knowledge of market signals, supply chain trends and emerging startup technologies will become actionable and shareable insights and methodologies tailored to the areas chosen. We also open doors to maritime founders, experts, peers, and academics which can be leveraged long after program delivery. Forming a decentralised program team helps you build internal startup engagement capabilities and improve innovation.

Upskilling talent through corporate supply chain innovations

What’s the outcome?

We facilitate partnerships

And help them grow

As an example of our work, Rainmaking unlocked 30 potential partnerships between 22 startups and 8 corporate partners in a single track (Supply Chain Resilience) within one program cycle.

The emerging partnerships took on many shapes: a) direct consumption / using the startup’s product as-is, b) white labelling or including the startup’s solution in the partner’s service network, and c) multiple companies coming together – each solving a different piece of a larger puzzle. This is a testament to the actionability that comes from a tried and tested framework being combined with deep industry knowledge and partner insights.

Facilitating partnerships through corporate supply chain innovations

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