Case Study: Using Data to Increase Fuel Transparency

Wilhelmsen & Dravam co-creating value

Wilhelmsen, a long-term partner of Rainmaking, faced a challenge in assessing the quality of the fuels used by the many vessels in their operation. Luckily we found the perfect match in Dravam who offers comprehensive monitoring of fluid quality and actionable insights from conventional flow data.

Specifically, Wilhelmsen wanted to obtain transparency into any potential problems with the fuel as well as increase the speed of action to correct it.

“(Our) tech brings a lot of transparency and information with which you can make informed decisions.”

Vivek Premanadhan, Founder & CEO at Dravam

For Dravam, diving deeper into the the maritime sector was a great opportunity. Their tool enables scanning the entire fuel while it’s flowing in the pipeline.

Why partner with Rainmaking?

Dravam found, that researching articles on fuels became irrelevant in comparison with talking with corporate partners who have up-to-date practical knowledge of what’s actually happens on the vessels.

This strengthened their belief in the product and the market was a great fit. Talking to the right people with the right level of industry knowledge enabled advancing the technology as well as refining it.

” (The startups) bring a fresh perspective on how to solve these problems creatively and in a much different way.”

Sachin Gupta, Business Director – Chemicals at Wilhelmsen

For Wilhlelmsen, engaging with the Trade and transport Impact platform meant bringing in fresh eyes on a challenging puzzle to solve. The outside perspectives offered from startup partners who are outside the organisation and even outside the industry proved beneficial.

We can help you increase transparency too.