Case Study: Reducing human error in maritime accidents

Shell & Scoutbase on finding methods to mitigate human error

One of the biggest safety-related challenges in the maritime sector is accidents caused by human error. Upwards three out of four accidents can be traced back to a man-made mistake.

Shell wanted to address this, and through our Trade & Transport Impact program, they discovered that maritime and offshore safety technology startup, Scoutbase, was the key.

Scoutbase could help provide Shell with a new method to instantly survey the crew on board vessels every day.

“Working with Shell is a huge opportunity for us. It’s a game changer to get the buy-in we need from the industry.”

Sebastian Nause-Blueml, Co-founder & Service Designer at Scoutbase

Scoutbase’s solution is a new piece of technology that can help Shell and other shipping other shipping companies collect a lot of data and reduce human error, by really understanding what is difficult for the seafarers in real time and at scale.

Why partner with Rainmaking?

For Shell, partnering with Rainmaking has meant a breath of fresh air, new energy and new technologies. The process and partnership with Scoutbase has excited both the project team and the wider organisation.

” This kind of corporate and startup matchmaking has been really useful and invaluable for us.”

Michael Andronicou, Project Lead – New Marine Digital Ventures at Shell

For Scoutbase, the program and collaboration with Shell resulted in validating of their solutions which in turn can help them scale their business and break down barriers to new opportunities.

We can help you reduce human errors too.