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Let our supply chain open innovation platform break down barriers to help you scale your startup

Scale your business

Breaking down doors to corporate business partners and obtaining access to decision-makers can be a difficult task for any startup.

With our Trade & Transport Impact program, you reap all the benefits of corporate assets and ambitions despite perhaps not having the resources or network yourself.

If selected, we help you unlock the potential of your solutions by opening doors to resources and leaders in the maritime, supply chain and transportation industries. Applying to join our program is a unique opportunity to potentially match your solution to the specific decarbonisation, supply chain resilience or safety challenges of many corporate partners.

As serial entrepreneurs, we make our 14 years of startup acceleration expertise available to help you shape your pitch, understand corporate lingo and convey the potential of your solutions to the right audience.

An innovation practice for trade and transport


Our corporate partners operate solely within supply chain, maritime and transport allowing you to tailor your solutions.

Opening doors

Each cycle has multiple corporate partners with top decision-makers and relevant support teams, in addition to other startups.

Scaling potential

With successful pilots, you have the chance to implement your solutions corporate-wide or re-enter the solution in new cycles.

Free to play

If selected, we charge no fees and require no equity to engage in our program, enabling you to prioritise your finances elsewhere.

Startup support

We’re a company built by entrepreneurs – for entrepreneurs. We help you with everything from pitching to networking.

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Benefits for startups

Increase revenues

Leverage our platform to grow your startup

Many corporate partner engagements result in a monetary value exchange through avenues such as pilots, vendor relationships, investments or even acquisitions, which can be amplified as several enterprises work on the same program. Pilots can be scaled to enterprise-wide collaborations, expanding the revenue potential. Lastly, explorations often lead to uncovering new ways to market or apply startup solutions.

Identify opportunities

Test new industries or use cases

We supply the industry expertise to help apply your solution in potentially new industries or sectors such as maritime. You can test out novel use cases, applications, customer segments or innovation opportunities to uncover new avenues for growth. You will likely also be challenged in everything from technology to scope and scale, which allows you to reflect on and improve your overall business philosophy.

Reduce costs

Introducing ways to cover costs or investments

Ensuring continued liquidity is essential to the survival of any startup and a constant challenge. If selected, pitching and potentially piloting with multiple corporate partners is free of charge. Many collaborations see the corporate partner providing both financing and demand.

In addition, you save valuable resources on marketing spend and outreach efforts – you get un-gated 1:1 access to top enterprise decision-makers.

Upskill talent

Boost enterprise and go-to-market knowledge

We help entrepreneurs and startups like yours navigate the corporate world in everything from improving pitching and understanding corporate lingo to good governance and addressing c-suite needs. Startup partners often uncover new perspectives on their business and how their solutions can address market needs and user segments, which are vital learnings when scaling and moving through funding tiers.

What’s the outcome?

We facilitate partnerships

And help them grow

As an example of our work, Rainmaking unlocked 30 potential partnerships between 22 startups and 8 corporate partners in a single track (Supply Chain Resilience) within one program cycle.

The emerging partnerships took on many shapes: a) direct consumption / using the startup’s product as-is, b) white labelling or including the startup’s solution in the partner’s service network, and c) multiple companies coming together – each solving a different piece of a larger puzzle. This is a testament to the actionability that comes from a tried and tested framework being combined with deep industry knowledge and partner insights.

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